Why Embodiment of Love?

CD1 production year: 1997
CD2 production year: 2002


During His public discourses, Sai Baba often sings, improvising, small verses carrying the essence of the teaching that He wishes to convey at that moment. His echoing voice vibrating our hearts, it embraces everyone listening. These chants have been the inspiration for this CD.

Rich in content, profound in meaning and spiritual in music, the depth of the Raga (melody), Bhava (sentiment) and Tala (beat/rhythm) of Indian music prompted us to fuse a western assembly to Sai Baba’s voice and indian Instruments with the aim of sharing this golden voice of peace and love with the whole world.

The CD1 includes also the bhajan “Murali Gana Lola” (devotional popular song) and The Gayatri mantra known as the most important prayer of the Hinduist religion.

The CD2 also includes "Love is My Form" a very popoular song amongst western devotees and "Asato Ma" (Prayer of Liberation).

This project was possible thanks to the help and cooperation provided by the Sri Sathya Sai Spritual Heritage Museum that gave us, from his archive, some recording of Sai Baba.

It is with great joy that we have produced this CD and our hope is that everyone will be able to rejoice in hearing His extraordinary voice; both as spiritual seekers and as music lovers.


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