How to buy mp3 music

The download method allows you to buy separate files up to inner CDs, all in high definition Mp3

The Full CD's include all the tracks, printable cover, original text and english translation in a zipped file.

Download is very simple!

1- Click the menu Music Shop,

2- choose the CD (clicking on title) browse the tracks and listen for the demo,

3- then to buy a track or a full CD click on add to cart.

4 - To proceed with the payment, go to the cart (click view cart or the cart icon on the right of the screen)

5 -Then checkout your tracks and amount.

If it is your first time, follow the procedure to register to the website, fill your data and choose paypal as payment method.

6- After you paid, and your transaction was ok, go to DOWNLOAD menu and download your music.

If you are on a smartphone or Ipad, you can stream the music from download links, if you want to put its on your device, use a PC to download it and move the track to your device from your PC in local.

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